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Making Sense Of SEO Services In Mumbai


Making Sense Of SEO Services In Mumbai

The term SEO could be one of the most misused ones at present in the digital space. A lot of people have not taken the trouble to understand the introduction of SEO to the marketing arena and more importantly to know how the present trends in the field of optimization came about. If just a simple flashback is attempted in the field of SEO, then it would soon be evident why a number of practices in the area are so done.

While a little bit of information can prove to be somewhat dangerous in certain circumstances, the effort here is to bring in a balance to how the typical SEO service is viewed in Mumbai and its thereabouts. Being the commercial capital of the country and in many ways the most happening of the metros, Mumbai is uniquely placed to bring in changes to most fields and widespread practices too.

Going forward, the field of optimization would further mature to take it to a more mainstream role as compared to the somewhat fringe activity that it has been till the recent past. This would mean that the field could use more powerful products as well as a changing emphasis that would if handled correctly be able to produce the result to the customer.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the better handling of the search by the search engines to produce a targeted result. Thus a successful and fully integrated SEO effort would ensure that targeted visitors are brought to the particular website. In many ways, it is the situation where the best result is had for the energy expended. As a result, a good SEO effort would bring in faster results and more importantly, results that are in keeping with the aims of the website under consideration.

It would be very evident that the aim of every website need not be similar or the same. Thus to achieve the best results in each of the situations, it is vital that the methods of the optimization are different too. A common mistake with most of the run off the mill SEO consultants is that they try to replicate results. This is not the right approach as each website is different in a number of ways and the stated goals of the website promoter are different too in each of the cases.

Checking for patterns:-

The consultant tries to find patterns in the results being achieved. This is not correct as the web is a very evolving arena that keeps changing very fast. Thus what would have been relevant to the search at a particular time would not hold good later on, even with the very same website and aim.

Introducing automation:

There are a lot of SEO consultants who try to automate the process as far as possible. It is possible to come across a number of software aids and tools that promise to simplify and automate the whole process of optimization. Not only would this not work, but any success achieved would also be more of a chance hit than a real effect of the automation.

Content duplication:

One of the most essential points to consider in the SEO activities is to use as original content as possible. At no time should copies of material be done and keep within the accepted norms for the activity. A large number of consultants when they sub-contract out the different aspects of the optimization do not have much control over the production of material or that the margin on the activity would be too low to keep sufficient tabs and control.

The most practical thing here would be to impress on the end customer the need for quality content and to try and ensure a good billing rate to make the whole effort worth the while.

Not putting keywords as the top priority:

The field of SEO revolves around the use and utilization of keywords. A lot of the consultants do not have the right focus to using the keywords and at times tends to stuff the keywords too. This could be due to a lack of proper understanding of the field or at times trying to meet the needs on paper and thus bill the client.

Writing inappropriate material:

It is possible to come across SEO material that does not stick to the central theme. Technically, there would not be much wrong with the pieces as the keyword density, and use would be correct. But this practice does not allow the reader to remain interested on the page for long to make an impact. Or that the reader could be misinformed on the topic too.

Poor link building:

Links to any written SEO material does provide depth to the very activity. But link building is one of the least understood of fields which is why it has been the least used too in work.

All said and done, it is purely with the practice that makes a good SEO consultant. Mistakes are for learning, and it must be put to good use each time the occasion arises. The customers are instead well read as compared to the earlier times, and most common mistakes would be noted. In case the consultant is seen to be lax in removing and learning from the mistakes, the custom would be in danger of being lost.

The power of online reputation management

With the proliferation of websites and the integration of the various social media platforms to form a unified communication medium, there is a growing field of reputation management that has come into being. As the very term signifies, the use of reputation management is to project an image of the subject better or to improve the general perception of the issue among the public.

So a customer who is faced with a bad image or of a bad reputation to a product; the use of reputation management practices could reverse the image of the person and in quick time as well. Thus the customer or individual could in effect get to influence how the public or the user groups of the product gets to view the person or product. There are some powerful methods to better the reputation of a business or individual.


It is not as though brands were not in use at an earlier time. But more that the power of brands and branding exercises are more relevant in our times than ever before. The old practice of needing time to establish a brand has been cut down drastically with the use of modern means of communication as well as the contemporary concepts of SEO. This is because optimization is a very targeted activity compared to the more general approach taken by branding.

Social media:

What is social media? Put in the most basic terms, social media is any material that can be used to better the coverage of a person or business in society as a whole. When something like Facebook first came into use, it was more focused on creating the network of people. It has since evolved into something more profound and that which has applications in all manners of activities and processes. Going forward, the social media components are going to be better integrated to bring in benefits to the user with less of an effort. A more unified set of activities so to say.

What has to be understood is that an online reputation management exercise takes time to be executed, and no doubt, the future offerings in practice would bring forth better and faster results but that is an ongoing set of activities. The prime focus must be to provide a quality of service that would bring benefit to the customer in return for the money being spent in each case.

Introducing the power of the digital means of communication

As opposed to the more traditional methods of communication and disseminating information, the more recent use of digital technologies stands out in its feature of being more focused in the way subjects are handled. It is more efficient as it is able to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and thus be able to understand better the effectiveness of the communications.


A vital feature of the digital space is the convergence factor, which essentially creates a single unified mode of communication. Thus you could have the television, the radio and the websites all being integrated with links that are best to be seen as digital in the application.


This is what allows a particular communication to arise in one of the arms of media and to be transmitted right across the whole spectrum of communication. Thus there are now general users as opposed to the more specialized approach taken by the traditional media personnel.


Since the very nature of the digital media space is such that efforts at one of the constituents can be relayed to the other parts of the system, the effect created for the money spent is much more, and SEO practices are designed to bring maximum benefit to the user at any time.

If there was one strong point to the introduction of digital means of communication, then it is the ability to measure out the effectiveness of the media campaigns. In fact, SEO practices are so designed to bring the best to the customer regarding the cost-effectiveness of communication and more importantly to get to the targeted audience with the least effort and expense too.

How the mobile phone has influenced SEO practices

The introduction of the mobile smartphone has had the same effect on people, which the radio and television had on mass media decades ago. But taken in the context of SEO practices, the mobile phone has very high conversion rates for the sites being reviewed, and it is multiple times the hit rates for the websites, comparatively. This has to be seen in the context that when the search is done on a mobile phone, the chances are that the person is outside the confines of the home and on the lookout for a particular product or service. It is thus the best time to try and promote a venture as the need is present and clear.

The earlier practice was to consider the design of websites and the mobile-enabled sites separately. But of late, there has been an approach to make use of responsive websites that would be optimized to load on the desktops and equally well with the hand or palm-held devices. Thus the SEO consultant is provided with a broader range of issues to deal with and an effort which would ensure better value for the money spent as well.

Peculiarities that needs to be considered during the SEO of mobile sites
  • Screen size: When compared to the larger desktops and laptops, the largest mobile screen sizes are much smaller. This brings its own set of dynamics which does create its own set of challenges. It must be said that the relatively new introduction of the smartphone to the consumer class has meant that the best SEO consultants are still in the learning process when it comes to the handheld devices.
  • Need for speed: Despite the enormous jumps in speeds of the internet and the mobile communication networks, there is still a lot to be desired. One of the main concerns of people using the system is that there are no uniform levels of service right across the globe or indeed smaller territories. This then goes on to introduce elements in the SEO which would not have occurred, and it is the best consultants that try to work to the most trying conditions rather than the most comfortable situations.
  • Limited scrolling:Unlike the desktop worker, the person using the handheld devices tends to be rather lazy to use the scroll feature of the mobile sites. This could be because the individual could be mobile and thus short of time or convenience to take more time with the presentation on the screen. This is a grave issue with SEO consultants, and the best people try to be innovative enough to reduce the need to keep scrolling to the very minimum.

The more significant issue of SEO practices concerning e-commerce sites There is some bit of SEO with each website, and something that stands out separately when it comes to the application of the optimization is concerning the e-commerce sites. Firstly, the typical e-commerce site needs to generate revenue as the prime purpose of such a site is to sell products. Thus the most efficient of SEO practices are to be applied in each instance to attract the most of targeted hits and consequently better sales.

It would not be too off the mark to say that the success of the e-commerce venture is defined by the efficiency of the SEO services. Thus when handling the vendor sites of most enterprises, far stronger stress needs to be placed to providing value for the money being spent. Most such customers would be looking to use the most productive tools which in turn could mean better brand building and in turn better sales being realized.

Brand visibility:

The modern marketplace is robust on branding exercises more than ever, and one of the prime contributors to building a strong brand is to use SEO steps to good effect. It must be said here that the approach has to be multi-dimensional at best. The better efforts are those that are flexible enough to be responsive and at the same time remain cost-effective to implement.

Competitive advantage:

If two separate e-commerce websites are considered and all things remaining the same, it is the better executed of SEO practices that would ensure a more successful venture. This brings to focus the need to offer the best regarding deliverables when implementing SEO features as far as possible. It takes a specific staying power to keep ahead of the competition and for sustained periods of time.

Customer base:

Even the oldest of ventures and businesses focus on increasing the customer base. The most successful business over time is those that have been successful at getting the more affluent to spend at their sites, and there are times when re-branding and re-focus have managed to generate increased sales. At every such refocus, it is the most powerful of SEO practices that define if a particular effort would find results.

Targeted marketing:

The very nature of SEO is that there is a fixed cost to it and a variable cost that depends on the number of hits the website gets. It would be optimum to have the best results, and this is where the use of targeting comes into play. If the correct type of targeting is done, then the best in term of results is achieved. But it would be wrong to consider that every effort at optimization should be successful and the instances of failures are rather high too.

Qualified leads:

The right SEO provides only qualified leads. This would mean that a site dealing in car spares would not be directed with enquires for pen drives. But like any other marketing practices, the leads do vary in quality and quantity depending on the efficiency of the consultant being used. It is not the right intentions that bring in the desired results but the right set of actions.

Sustained earning:-

Rarely are true e-commerce sites done for a week or a month. The majority of such websites are meant to last a long time and bring benefit to the user over their lifetimes. Thus the better SEO services are those that bring in a sustained income than the short bursts of earnings. This does need a balanced approach that would take into due consideration the dynamics of each industry and field.

Thus it would be seen that it is the long-term vision that is bound to bring in the success to the e-commerce site and never the one offset of operations. One of the most powerful features of SEO is that the methods can be varied and changed to suit every single conceivable situation and here prior experience in the field is of paramount importance and significance.

Getting to use cost-effective SEO methods

The first step towards realizing a successful optimization effort is to engage someone who not only just knows SEO but understands the founding principles of the practice. This would ensure that the efforts expended towards the promotional activities find a result in quick time and within the stipulated cost incurred.

When speaking of the cost of SEO service, it must be understood the easy and straightforward means the expense can get out of hand. Some of the most unreliable yet costly means of promoting hits to a site are the Pay Per Click campaigns, but there are a number of instances when the very use of PPC can bring in quick and targeted results.

It is possible to classify the SEO service into three categories.

  • Basic SEO
  • Intermediate SEO
  • Advanced SEO

The customer needs to verify what is built into each category of service as there is no universal standard in use. Most consultants have their priorities, and it would be reflected in the manner the packages are implemented and priced too.

The higher and more comprehensive the levels of service offered to the customer, the more expensive it would turn out to be. Thus it would be in the interest of the customer to understand what is being offered at each of the instances and to make the right emphasis to the packages as and when put forth for negotiation. It would be worthwhile to lay out reachable milestones which in turn could be tied to the final remuneration package being worked out.

Most SEO consultants are flexible in terms of the services on offer and the cost being charged to the customer. This is where a basic understanding of the field would work to the advantage of the individual as it would help in getting a better deal most of the time. More than what can be done at a given price, it is essential to understand the shortcomings or the limitations of the practice and components of SEO.

The strong reasons to use the services of an SEO at Mumbai

Accept the fact that Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and that it brings in a certain amount of dynamism to be engaged to any company or individual at Mumbai on a professional basis. Enumerated out below are the obvious reasons why someone should be getting their SEO work from Mumbai.

Local flavor:

Mumbai is a very cosmopolitan city, and thus there is bound to be every culture of the country being represented here. This comes in handy when relatively local issues have to be tackled regarding some point far from the city confines. It would be possible to engage the right kind of people and experts who can shed some useful light on the distant places. Thus the serious SEO consultant does have the advantages of being located in the city of Mumbai.

Talent pool:

The city of Mumbai has one of the most robust talent pools across the country. There are a lot of freelance workers who bring value to the customer willing to use their services. So rather than use the more expensive option of engaging a firm, there is the possibility that the same work can be done more effectively by an individual consultant. This works particularly well with those folks who do not have a high budget or are with relatively smaller requirements to be of interest to the more prominent firms. It is a win-win situation for the customer as well as the consultants engaged so.

Business asset:

Rather than consider the SEO as something that has to be done with, it would be more appropriate to recognize the right consultant as a business asset. Few successful campaigns would go public with who is handling the SEO and promotion. It could well mean the difference between a successful campaign and another not so a productive effort.

Getting onto the bandwagon:

SEO is one of the most trending topics currently in the marketing sphere and more so in the internet space. Thus the chances of the competitors using an SEO consultant are more than what most people would consider it to be. It would, therefore, be suicidal not to employ a consultant if only to neutralize the advantage the more net savvy of the competitors do have over the business interest.

Better visibility:

No matter the area of engagement, SEO does bring in clarity to the activity. The amount of exposure or the eyeball is decided by the extent of promotion that has gone to the SEO work. Thus at the lower end of the activity scale; most SEO efforts to bring in some form of return to the customer.

The power of the satisfied customers

Take any business or economic activity, it would be evident that there is never the same effect to the promotion of the business activity than to have a satisfied customer. Thus in many ways, the secret to promoting the venture is to keep the customers happy under all circumstances. This is the prime reason that most SEO consultants use references to prior work and clients prominently on their websites and promotional medium.

It would be pertinent to mention the drawbacks of poor, shoddy work. Any kind of references to the job would no doubt put the consultant in poor light, and there is a factor with the dissatisfied customer that needs to be pointed out. That is, they would take every pain to run the service provider down. Thus customer satisfaction should be the watchword of every business activity and so too with the SEO consultant.

There are a number of businesses that do not undertake any kind of promotional activity and focuses on providing the customer the best in terms of service and satisfaction. But if this sort of approach is complemented by the right SEO efforts, the end results can be astonishing, to say the least.

The assurance of positive results with SEO

As has been discussed in the write-up above, it would be rather hard to give a guarantee of the excellent outcome with every SEO effort. But there is bound to be a better image and a broader reach of the business from the adoption of active optimization work.

Success is bound to come to those who persevere, and this factor does play its part in promoting SEO as a means of promotion and targeted hits to a website. In case, an SEO consultant does assure the customer of guaranteed results for the money being spent, it must be seen in the right contest too. It is always important to start out on a new activity with a hopeful mind and not resign to defeat before the war has indeed started.

Finally, the term result has to be understood. For some people result could be better sales; whereas for some it could be better visibility and yet for others, it could well be the creation of brands. Thus the success of SEO work has to be seen in the context of the customer that commissions a consultant more than anything. If the correct approach is taken in each of the instances, the correct choice of the SEO consultant is bound to bring in the right kind of results too.

For any activity to be successful, the right approach and the right attitude are necessary. SEO does augment the rest of the efforts put in by those in charge of the enterprise and in many ways is the very reflection of the promoter at most times. No business can be entirely made or broken by the use of SEO practices alone.